Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wellington's Wonderful Walkability

You can't make mashed potatoes without potatoes. Of this fact I was never more acutely aware then on Saturday evening while making a yummy dinner of mock chicken pot pie. The chicken was stewed and the home-made biscuits were ready be be rolled and cut. Daughter went to the pantry for the potatoes and voila. Empty potato sack. Not a spud in sight. In any other situation one would have to change the dinner plan: steam some rice; boil some pasta. But not at Wellington! Instead, the daughter took over the biscuit prep, I grabbed my purse and my handy shopping trolley and was back before the biscuits were out of the oven.

When you live in a town like Benicia, it's just a shame if you don't have a shopping trolley like the one above from Anthropologie. Or the one shown in my post A Walk in the Park. I love my trolley! And as the post shows, I can fit a lot in that little guy.

The one above is just so cute, I had to shove it on the blog.


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