Monday, August 18, 2014

An Evening Stroll to the Arsenal

We don't walk to The Arsenal very often.  And we don't walk in the evening as much as we walk in the daytime.  This evening we walked to The Arsenal with the little boy, so I had to take some pics.  Above is the photo shop.  Below is the Guard House.  It used to house prisoners and rumor has it Grant spent 30 days in there for being drunk on duty.
Here you can see some ship docked at the Martinez marina.
Just some more buildings down there.  Not sure what they are.

Over by the Ironhorse Furniture store we saw this little stray kitty.

 This one old warehouse building had some nice sort of chimney pots.

I just loved this building.  I don't know what it could have been used for.  It has a very steep roof.  It's very intriguing.
This last pic is not very pretty.  But it's very exciting!  There has been this terrible, boarded-up building on East 5th since well before we moved to Benicia.  They finally tore it down!  I hope they're going to tear down the one to the right also.  It's just as ugly.
It was a really nice evening stroll, as usual.