Sunday, December 22, 2013

Creepy Santas 2013

It's Christmastime again at Wellington and you know what that means.  Creepy Santas.  My Creepy Santa collection has a special place in my heart and in my storage cupboard.  It's the thing I look forward to unwrapping and displaying every year.  I love getting my new Creepy.  This year was a great year for the Creepy Santas.  First of all I was very excited to get them out because I got a super special Creepy Santa last year from my beloved brother and sister-in-law from New York.  They came to visit and surprised me with a little old Santa with eyes that open and shut.  He's so cute I hate to call him creepy.  

Here is the whole collection:
 I've had this little guy above for a couple of years now.  His eyeballs are lopsided and no one knows why.
This one with the string of lights is almost too cute to call creepy.  In fact he's not technically creepy at all.  But he is old and has a little rust on him which makes him precious so he fits in.  He came as a surprise gift from the same beloved brother and sister-in-law who last year gave me THIS:
The googly-eyed Santa above.  Is he great?  I admired him for weeks in the little downtown antique shop and was thrilled and surprised when he showed up in front of me at the table during lunchtime last Christmas.  He qualifies as creepy, that's for sure.  But he's also really old and special.  Next to him is the little German elf who was among the trio who began my collection.  Why he needs to have that look on his face is anyone's guess.  Plus he cost about 12 cents because I got him and his brothers in a $1 bag of Christmas picks about five years ago.
These are the other two that helped start the collection.  The guy on the left is really good.  He's holding a little Christmas tree and a metal spike. I would assume the spike used to have something Christmassy attached to it except look at his face.  He's positively evil.  I have a feeling he came with this old rusty spike.

This fellow came from a shop in Danville.  He would be pretty creepy anyway, but the fact that he's footless really helps.  The guy lurking behind him is more tacky than creepy.  He cost $1.  Cheap and tacky equates to creepy in this Creepy Santa collection.  He's plastic and hollow and has a hole in the bottom.  I think you're supposed to jam a light bulb up there.
 This one is from my brother-in-law, plucked right off his tree while he watched and didn't object.  He barely has a face which definitely qualifies as creepy.  Here's a close-up.
 I bought this guy below from a shop in Benicia.  His nose is peeling.  He wasn't too good-looking before that either.
Here's my other new addition this year and I can't express how perfect he is.  But I'll try.  He's about 10 inches tall.  He's very old.  He has one black eye.  He is sitting on a toy tin rooftop.  If you put a quarter in his chimney he's supposed to move or something.  He doesn't have batteries yet but I'm told by my most special friend, Cindy, who gave him to me last week, that he may need repairs.  I don't care.  He's fabulous just the way he is.
The entire collection of Creepies with their little Christmas tree that has four little Santas playing instruments.  They don't qualify as creepy because they're not.  But I bought them for 25 cents each last spring at the Peddler's Faire, so they can sit in the tree and keep the collection company.