Saturday, August 13, 2016

Seventh Benicia Peddlers' Fair

Today was the Seventh Annual Benicia Peddlers' Fair.  It's actually been going since 1963, but this is our seventh year in Wellington, so I'm calling it the Seventh Annual.

In true Hubby Fashion, Hubby abstained from the Fair yet again.  But that didn't stop me.  I had a date to meet my neighbor at the booth she was running at 10 a.m., and by jove I made it there at 10 a.m.  Almost exactly.

She was running the booth that sold coffee in the early morning, but by the time I arrived they were selling (and consuming) beer.  The margarita dispensers were not operable yet, but they were being prepared.  

We walked down about a block, then my neighbor had to turn back and get to her booth.  So I proceeded alone.  There was a huge crowd and the street was barely navigable.  But I navigated to a lot of booths with antiques.  Many with jewelry.  And tons of food and clothing booths.  Here is a partial list of things I didn't buy:  silver necklace; cowboy hat; succulents; various Donald Ducks; antique hinged box; "designer" sunglasses; beaded coin purse.  Here is a complete list of things I bought:  book.

Here is a view looking towards the water from D Street.

This booth had a lot of characters from Nightmare Before Christmas.  This is where I didn't buy the Donald Ducks.

I thought this picture, taken right before I headed home, was interesting.  There were a couple of banks of port-a-potties.  These two little dogs were very unhappy to be left outside, but the owner seemed to have a grip on their leashes from inside the potty.  Incidentally the margarita machine was up and running by this time - just past 11.  It seemed to be fairly popular.

I was just congratulating myself on all the things I didn't buy, but then I passed the library and had to zoom in just to see.  I headed right for the "special" section and bought something I can't write about since it's a present for someone else.  But it was quite a gem and only cost $2.50.  So I count that as a complete success!

Then I came home and got my yogurt and latte.  I was just starting to enjoy my lunch when there was a ding-dong at my door.  It turned out to be two ding-dongs.  Heehee.  Not really.  It was the mayor and an assistant who were campaigning.  I took the opportunity to complain about a couple of things, in the most good-nature way possible.  I won't write about them here since that's not the type of thing that goes on The Blog.  But I'll keep an eyeball peeled and if the things get fixed I will let you all know so you can reelect the mayor.


  1. Your humorous style of writing always delights me! Ah the Peddler's Fair, many memories!