Monday, May 16, 2011

I Heart Books

Although my bookshelves are organized, it's always a work in progress. Unless I never buy another book which isn't happening. I'm going to try to be more disciplined about it, though. I really don't have much more room without coming up with some new ideas. Like that bookshelf lamp above (found here, but probably no longer available - rats) which might take care of 10 more books. But ten books is ten books. Or The Husband and I could get more creative about using space we already have, as in this apartment in New York City. Something about this loft just makes me feel good. (Thanks again, Apartment Therapy!)

One thing I've taken to doing lately is swapping books on PaperBack Swap. Theoretically it's a great idea. You post a bunch of books you're willing to trade with someone else. I posted a dozen books that I've never read and probably won't. Then you use their search engine to find books you've been wanting. Then that person just sends it to you! The trick is to only post lighter paperbacks so when someone orders one of your books, the cost is minimal. The site offers printing labels in the form of two 8x11 pages printed with the recipient's address. You tape the two papers onto your book, walk across the street, give the mailman $2.42 and you're done! The way I figure, I'm getting books I've been wanting for $2.42. I've spent more than that on books I don't want, so how can I lose?

Here's how. Apparently not everyone in the world (or at Paperback Swap) is nice. Since I joined just over a month ago I have mailed out four books, all of which have been received by various happy readers across the U.S. I have ordered four different books, none of which have been received by this bewildered reader in Benicia. Rather than give up on the whole thing, I have cancelled the books that were supposed to have been mailed, and painstakingly researched four books I would like to own (I found an Amazon reviewer with whom I felt an affinity and mooched her favorites. Check back later for updates on whether or not it was worth it.) and ordered them - hopefully from more trustworthy swappers. This will use up all of my "credits" I have with Paperback Swap, at which point I can reassess whether or not I'd like to continue sending random people my books at no cost to them. I'm thinking not.

There's my recommendation. Have at it.


  1. I heart books too. And I love both of those ideas for storage. so sorry about the unreliable swappers! I guess they don't have a good rating system like eBay or Bummer. There are a ton of books on that cost less than $2.42. How is the weather there today? It is really crummy and moody here. I wish it would rain and be done with it!

  2. Heidi: Good idea about I checked them out. One of the books I just ordered is only $.75 but with shipping it would be more than $2.42. Supposedly this one's on the way - I'll keep you posted. It's raining in Benicia and my garden loves it. Cozy fire, and waiting for spring to really set in. Thursday, hopefully. 72 degrees is my favorite! *cross fingers*