Sunday, May 1, 2011

Before and After: Arbor Walk Update 3

What an awful picture!I took this pic very quickly before we owned Wellington on a day the Broker allowed me in for a quick second peak. We already had our offer in place and hadn't heard back from the bank yet. The original owner was inside the house packing up before her move to a smaller condo up the street. a victim of the economy. But let's not talk about that now. . .
. . . because look! Here is our little Arbor Walk today! We squelched the temptation to put in larger plants and place them closer together. Next year this will have really grown in very nicely. But I think it looks great! In the foreground is the first little bench deck. To the right the second - one gets morning sun, the other afternoon. Farther back is the larger deck outside the kitchen window. This will soon have a small table and chairs for dining al fresco. Here's a view looking back from the dining deck. Lovely.

Here's a fun shot of the steps to the garage on that second day I saw Wellington. The weeds all around the place were this high!Here's a "during" pic. I loved it already.

I wasn't going to put the pics up until the Arbor Walk was completely finished. We still have our main tree to put in towards the fence. And a couple more finishing touches. But I absolutely love it and can't wait for the trees (most of which are dwarf) to grow in and make it seem like a little secret place. It's already a wonderful place to read a book. And no one can see you! You could sit out here naked, if you wanted. But please don't. That's just gross.