Thursday, September 27, 2012

Strange Real Estate Listings 4

These are all MLS photos taken from Northern California Multiple Listing Services during the months of August and September.  They were all included in the MLS for marketing purposes.  One has to think that the agent's intent is to entice a buyer.  But sometimes you wonder . . .
Here is a bedroom photo I found.
Nice display.
There are so many things wrong with the kitchen, I won't even start.

The above two photos were each the main Front view of their respective listings.  The prime SHOWCASE photo. 
This is just not appealing.
 Listing also included three pictures of a llama.
What room is this?  At first it looks like a family room, but if I'm not mistaken, that's some sort of spa tub against the window.  Master?  I don't get it.
It took me a moment to figure out that this is a slide.  It's what we in the industry call "taste-specific" which means, if you can't remove it or paint over it, don't take a photo of it and maybe the new buyers won't notice.  If they're part of a circus act or have oodles of kids, it's okay.  But chances are they're not.  And really, look at that slide.  It's terrifying.  I wouldn't go down it.
I'm sorry, but these are the absolute ugliest curtains I have ever seen.  This whole room needs help, but those curtains make me nauseous.  I feel kind of mean for including this one, but I'm not taking it out.

When I first saw this photo, I was mildly amused.  But then when I saw it a second and a third time, in the same listing, I thought it was begging to be included in this posting.  This Realtor must have loved this shot to sprinkle it so generously throughout the listing.  Why, you may ask.  I don't know, I would say.
The agent who took this picture also took, and included in this listing, other crooked obscure shots.  The front photo looked like it was taken around dusk while the photographer was running past the house.  It was not only crooked, it was blurry and dark.  The caption under the photo above was "The moon, the stars and sunsets await you."  Okay, I have to include a couple of others.

                          back photo
front photo
 another shot of the rear yard
Nothing says "cozy" like a couple of animal carcasses.
I think you need to click on this one to enlarge.  I don't really know what's going on here, but I wouldn't live in this house if you paid me.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wellington in Tuscany

As many of my loyal readers are aware, we at Wellington have been on a trip to Tuscany where we stayed at this beautiful little old mill house called Il Mulinetto.  We met new friends and had a lovely time. 

More info to follow when we are better rested.  Travel time door to door from Il Mulinetto to Wellington was 33 hours.  Phew.