Monday, October 29, 2012

Notable Listing Pictures

Some of these pictures are strange, some are nice and some I just wanted to hang on to.
Sometimes I don't know what to say.

 Is anyone else feeling creeped out?
 What do you suppose this room is used for?  And why do you suppose the agent thought it would help sell the house?
Please keep in mind, this is a recent photo.  Of something.  In a house.  That's for sale.  And that there was no explanation.

The four photos above are a set.  They were all provided by an agent in an effort to SELL A HOUSE.  There was no picture of the front of the house.  Just these photos.
The top photo in this series isn't THAT bad.  In today's market.  The kitchen is messy, but this is just how this person lives.  And you can't really fault the agent for including the picture.  People want to see the kitchen.  You kind of wonder why the agent didn't just put a few things away before snapping the pic.  Then you see the second picture.  Ahh.  I would have left the kitchen alone myself.
 Seriously?  The top stencil is bad enough.  But the pretend logs?  And there were four pictures of this room.  From every angle.
This one I shoved on the blog because I love it.  I just want to stare at this person's pantry for hours.  A pantry tells a lot about a person.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Beautiful Day at the Harbor

It's a pleasure to live in a waterfront community where a typical walk includes scenes such as these.

 The weather today was perfect.  The Dot was visiting and the harbor was calling our name.
I love this shot.  You can see two kayaks moving west, two boats moving east and, in the back, against the hills, you can just make out the train going by.  People were all over the pier fishing.
 Along with one seal.
There were a lot of dogs walking their owners.
We saw this cute little booth called Benicia Bait and Tackle.  It's just a teeny trailer than expands.  A woman was in there doing a pretty steady business selling tackle, soda and snacks.
Here's a great view looking back towards Sailor Jacks, the waterside restaurant named for Jack London who used to spend quite a bit of time in our little city.  There's The Dot and The Hub on the right.  The tide was high.  When the tide is low, this is all beach.
A couple of days ago when we were walking, we noticed that the city has hired a group to put twinkly lights along the trees on 1st Street.  An electrician was stringing the power source across the tree tops, and the light crew was right behind, winding the lights up the trunks and through the branches.  It's going to be a pretty sight this Holiday Season!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Harbor By Night

It has been very hot here at Wellington.  So last night The Hub and I took a walk to the harbor.  It was beautiful!  I hadn't planned to take pictures, so didn't have my camera.  Took these with my phone.