Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rocky Wellington

Here is Wellington with his new rocks! It might not look like much in this pic, but it's about 900 pounds of Century Stone which are reclaimed, 200 year old cobbles from the streets of Holland. They look great in front of Wellington. Not only do they bring out his colors - tones of greys, blues and browns - but they transformed that bank into a rock-wall planter. No plants in it yet, but I'm telling you, it looks gorgeous. I didn't even realize this needed to be done until the husband decided he wanted to do it. That's usually how projects go around here. I'll sit here all content and relaxed and Hub will say he's thinking of doing whatever. In this case, getting rocks for in front of the pittosporum. I had no idea what he meant, but then we went to the rock store where he picked out the Century Stones, brought four home and calculated how many we would need.

We started with 90. I estimate that is about 700 pounds of stones. Mostly he brought them to me and I laid them out in the back of our trusty old pick up. I tried getting them myself out of their wire cages, but I got scratched and the angle was wrong for someone of my height (littlish).After laying the first 90, we decided we needed 25 more, so we went back the next day.

We filled in with dirt behind the wall, which is two stones high. We already had the dirt. Because when we moved in and chopped down the weeds (by "we" I mean "Hub"), we found two planter beds in the back yard near the neighbor's pealing garage wall. I didn't want to use these beds for planting, so we have gradually been distributing the soil all over the yard. This job finished it up.

The Century Stones aren't necessarily 200 years old. They're probably older. And they're not necessarily from any streets in Holland. But the rock people called them "cobbles" and weren't sure of their origin. They are definitely reclaimed, though. So we're choosing to imagine they're from some old, quaint streets in Holland. Making them many centuries old. Isn't that fascinating?


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