Saturday, June 25, 2011

Garden Update 3 - Nasturtiums Galore

It's true, this is not a nasturtium. But isn't it gorgeous? It looks like a great big blackberry. You know what it is? It's a pincushion flower! Otherwise known as scabiosa which is a very ugly name. It's almost as bad as glechoma, which I also have in the garden and love. I've had the standard lilac-shade scabiosa in my gardens for years, ever since I saw it growing in Half Moon Bay and snagged a flower that had gone to seed. It's very easy to grow. Like dandelion, but better! This one is off a plant I noticed in the alley last year. It's in the garden of this really awful black house. I'm not kidding the house is painted black. But I use the word "painted" liberally because it's not only black, but it's pealing. The word "garden" can't really be used to describe the mass of overgrown bamboo and nasty bits of plants going to seed. I postively rescued this little seed from that awful place. Their poor little fig tree can't even grow a fig! Mine is swarming with figs (not ripe yet).

Anyway, I snagged this one little seed clump last year, and now I have this lovely blackberry pincushion. It's even gorgeouser in person.

Now to the nasturtiums. 70. That's how many I had growing in my garden at last count. I bought a bag of seeds from Home Depot in the early spring and scattered them absolutely everwhere. I have 40 plants in the front and 30 in the back. They're almost all orange, but some are yellowy and others are more reddish. I just love them.I just finished a lovely morning of gardening. I mostly pulled out the overgrown coreopsis which has gotten so stuck up you can't even SEE the other plants! A couple weeks ago I pulled two out on one side, today I pulled to out on the other side. They started life as a $3 six pack last year. And ended life in my green waste bin this year. Poor things. I still have two though. And I didn't take a picture of that area because right now it looks kind of sad. The other plants were so overwhelmed, they're currently gasping for air and need a few days to perk their little heads up, then I'll snap a pic.

Alright, just a little glimpse. Here:

This is our new door mat we got for $6. There's one on the back porch too. I love it, but Hugo isn't so sure about that bird. Everytime she comes in the house she steps very gingerly, as far away from that bird as she can get. Don't judge her. She's old.


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