Friday, October 7, 2011

Andy's Nut

Outide my office window I have a perfect view of this telephone wire that serves as a highway for a little squirrel called Andy.  Every autumn (this is our second autumn at Wellington!) he spends the entire day shuffling along this wire.  He heads toward the right nutless,

and comes back nutfull!  There is a large walnut tree two doors up, and I'm inclined to think that is where he harvests his yearly stash.  He's very cute!  Sometimes there are two Andys on the same wire, which is very confusing.  Also for the squirrels.


  1. I could tell you a story or two (or 3 or more) about the woodpeckers that hide their acorns under the wood shakes of our roof. I'm quite sure they're a lot noisier than Andy. How lucky you are to reside in peace at Wellington.