Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wellington Update 2013

Last July I divided Wellington into Zones and took pictures of every zone.  It's a year later, and it's fun to compare the pictures and see what has changed, grown and acclimated in this last year.  Here is a link to that post, but I have also included the old pictures on this post for easier comparison.
Also, last year I used my good camera.  This year I was too lazy and just used my iPhone.
Here is the little Christmas Tree in the pot on the porch.

 It has grown and has had its pot changed.  Below is one of the crepe myrtles and Ernie, the oak tree.

The crepe myrtle has really gotten bigger.  And for some reason it's really blooming, even though the top picture was taken July 24, 2012 and the bottom July 21, 2013.  Below is one of the pittosporums, the other crepe myrtle, and in the center the Forest Pansy Redbud.

I didn't get the pittosporum in this picture, unfortunately.  They have really come along nicely.  But you can see the Forest Pansy there behind this crepe myrtle.   The Lady Banks in the picture below is gorgeous in the springtime. 

Here it is this year.  The tea tree in front has really filled in.  Below is the bouganvillia that we are trying to get to grow up the porch post.  It got hit pretty hard this winter by the frost.

But look how gorgeous it is anyway!  Below is the Japanese maple and also the hedge growing below the window.

The Japanese maple has really gotten taller, but look at the hedge!  It is really thickening up.  And the topiary pots on either side of the steps are growing a lot.  I don't have a picture of them last July, but they have really taken off.  Below is the other Lady Banks.

And here is the Lady Banks this year.  You can see a sprout of a branch sticking off towards the left.  Below is the butterfly bush in 2012.

The sun was hitting this spot, but you can see how the butterfly bush has grown quite a bit.  I heard from a friend that this bush will be hard to keep this size.  But Justin is pretty good at keeping after it.  Below is the little Granny Smith apple tree.

 This year the apple tree has two apples.  Below is the little sitting area.

And here it is this year with its avocado pot.  Below is the Arbor Walk in 2012.

And here is the lovely Arbor Walk in 2013.  It's still my favorite spot in the garden.  Below is the baby olive tree and the vines we're trying to grow to obscure the neighbor's awful garage.  Also the little cypress tree growing along the fence.

And in 2013.  It's filling in nicely.  I can't wait to see how it looks in 2014!