Saturday, February 22, 2014

Another Glorious Day in Benicia

It never gets old.  It's so beautiful here.  Another walk downtown.  Another pic of the old boat with the bridge in the distance.  I've seen it before, bit it's just so picturesque I felt a picture was in order.  Here it is.
 Here is a shot of the palm tree promenade by the pier.
 The palm trees are full of black birds chirping away.
 Wellington is looking lovely.  Springtime is his absolute favorite.
 The weather has been nice enough that Boo, the guinea pig, got a bath.  Here she is drying on the grass.  She took the opportunity to have a munch.  She has to keep up her figure.
Here is Stumpy.  This is actually a stump that Hub dug up after chopping down the old ivy that was ruining the fence.  Yes, this is an ivy stump.  I made him save it on account of it's CUTE.
The apricot tree has a lot of blooms this year.  Hopefully we will have more than one apricot.  But no pressure.
After all he's just a baby.