Sunday, May 22, 2011

Garden Update with New Window Box Inside 2

It's been positively gorgeous weather here in Benicia. Especially at Wellington, for some reason. Everything is blooming nicely. Particularly since I took the infested fox gloves out of the garden bed above. The little pink birdhouse was in my Easter Basket that The Dot gave me. The coreopsis has absolutely taken over and has had to be trimmed back a bit because there are other flowers in the garden, for crying out loud. This bed shows a bit of salvia in the back (one of my all time favorite types of flowers to grow in the garden), coreopsis, allysum, nasturtium, variegated catchfly (pics to follow - it's cute!), and lemon mint. Here's a little sun dial that has been in the family for years and has finally found a home on this metal plant stand/vine cage that was given to me for my birthday by some wonderful family members who recently came to dinner then went for a walk in Benicia and some how ended up in Romancing the Home where they let me pick out my present and I got this because I've been admiring it for MONTHS. I'm planning to shove a little wire vine underneath. The sun dial actually tells the correct time! (Looks like 9:30.)

This part's kind of fun. Out front I planted a calciolaria integrifolia (Kentish Hero). It is so cute! The little flowers look like puffy pockets of orange. But the best part is the pumpkin plant that The Dot planted on Halloween. I use the term "planted" loosely because I think what happened was when we were sitting out front greeting trick or treaters, she chucked a handful of pumpkin seeds over the side and these plants popped up. It will be interesting to see if we end up with pumpkins! They will match the calcolaria, anyway. In the bottom left corner of this photo is a different kind of coreopsis called "Big Bang". So far - nuthin. But we'll keep an eye on it.
Here's what that bed looks like a little father back with a cat in front of it (above) and only three months ago (below).And here's the newest window box. I'm hoping things will just spill over then droop right down this wall.

One of the many nasturtiums. I ran around the garden scattering seeds about two months ago and now they're starting to bloom. I've always loved nasturtiums. You can eat them! But not these. They're pets.

Speaking of pets, the house sparrows (not pets) are courting each other in the eaves of the house and Hugo is going nuts. She's mostly too old to be much of a threat, but she likes to dream. Actually, she did give us a little red finch for Christmas, but let's not talk about that right now.

Let's talk about the Arbor Walk. Because look at this angle. The little mini succulents are so proud of themselves! And they have a pretty good view.

There's the garden update for now. I'll keep an eye on things around here and let you know if something changes.


  1. Glorious! Naturally, our weather has been great, too. The flowers just love having some spring before summer hits, which ordinarily happens in April around here. We still have green hills ringing our valley which is unheard of. I kind of wince when I think how everyone's going to go into shock once the heat hits for good. I envy you all of your dirt--I have so little. If you get pumpkins, put a board under them so that the dirt doesn't rot them. Also, they like tons of water--the more water they get, the bigger the pumpkins are. :)