Sunday, April 24, 2016

Happy Birthday Wellington - 6!

We've had our ups and downs.  Mostly all ups, thank goodness!  Wellington has made it through neglect, a new family, drought and now look!  Blooming and glowing like the Wellington he was meant to be!  And now he is six years old.  Pampered and well loved

Last month an anonymous admirer sent Wellington a bunch of balloons.  I think they got the dates mixed up.  He was awfully proud, standing in the cloudy morning holding his mylar bouquet.

Unfortunately they were too close to the electrical wires so we had to cut them down.  He is only six, after all, and doesn't know about these things.  That's why we're here to take care of him.

This next bit of information is not generally something that goes onto the blog because of its sadness.  But in the second picture of Wellington you can sort of see Fester, the Forest Pansy Redbud tree that we planted a few years ago.  He died.  We had to hack him down on Thursday.  He was a beautiful tree.  You can see him here and here.   And this one makes me sad . This was him being planted.  :(  Poor Fester.  he has been there almost since Wellington was Wellington!

Around that same time I bought a baby gingko biloba tree.  It was about seven inches tall, in a four inch pot.  I got him at the Morningsun Herb Farm.  He has been in a larger pot for quite some time but still is fairly small, by tree standards.  But he has done much of his growing at Wellington so it is fitting that he should be Wellington's new tree.  Besides, gingkos are the oldest tree on the planet.  Gingko has been found in fossils dating back 270 million years.  That's what I read and I'm sticking with it.  But this little guy is only five and a half.  And he's about 18 inches high.  I was hoping we would plant him today in honor of Wellington's birthday, but some people feel like we need to let Fester's stump fester a while longer.

Have a Happy Wellington Day!


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