Sunday, March 13, 2016

Why Are Baby Hummingbirds So Cute?

 Day One - February 19, 2016
Don't worry, they get progressively less blurry as they grow.
 Day Two
Whenever I go to take a picture I'm in danger of having my left ear pierced by a protective Mama Bird with a long beak.
 Day Three
What is up with all that hair?
 Day Four
 Notice the lichen  on that gorgeous nest.
 Day Seven
 Day Nine
I'm hungry Mama!
 Day Ten
 Day Twelve
 Day Sixteen
Their eyes are open!
Day Seventeen - morning.
Look at the two little bundle clumps all shoved in that little nest.  I read somewhere that the nest is built to expand as the birds grow.
Day Seventeen - evening.
Is it my imagination, or have they grown more just since this morning?
Day Eighteen
Day Nineteen
One day soon I'm going to go out there and the nest will be empty.  These birds look like their mama already.  Compare this picture to Day Sixteen - just three days ago.  Amazing!
Day Twenty
Look at the little dickens perched on the side of the nest!  He'll be flying any day now.  I predict Sunday (today is Friday).  That's when they'll be three weeks old.  Their backs are now iridescent green.
Day Twenty-One
Every day now I expect to find an empty nest.  I think they will fly either today or tomorrow.  I put this picture on my desktop on my new laptop.  Enlarged you can notice strands of what appear to be my hair intertwined in this nest!  That's where it went.
Day Twenty-Two
It's hard to see the difference between today's picture and yesterday's.  But if you notice the size compared to the nest you can see that they have really grown.  In my opinion they are way too big for this nest.  Yesterday we saw the mama feed the babies.

It has really been raining lately and I think they just feel like sitting tight.  I can totally relate.  I've barely left my nest in two days.  But I think that one on the right is thinking about it.  Hold on.  Nope.  Still both there.  I'll keep you posted.

I saw them flapping like crazy so I ran and got my camera.  I waited patiently.  They didn't flap anymore at that time, but the Mama came over and fed them.  I have to film from inside my back door, so I'm too far away to get a great shot, but I uploaded the video onto YouTube.  If you pull it up large, you can see the mama feeding each of the birds, then flying away.  They're in the center of THIS VIDEO.

Of course I'm keeping an eye on the nest today, expecting the babies to fly away any minute.  I went into another room and shot this next video of the MAMA FEEDING THE BABIES.

Then I got a shot of the babies flapping and preening,  SO SWEET.

As predicted, this was indeed FLIGHT DAY.  I was watching as the first bird flapped and flapped and was soon aloft!  She flitted to the next branch down where she sat for a bit.  A few minutes later I came back and she was gone.  Her brother sits alone in the nest.  It's dark now and possibly the brother is gone.  But I did see the mama come back one last time to give him a meal.

Here is the final video. (It's better than the last three.  Go ahead and click on it.)

On the off chance that I wake up tomorrow and that little brother is still sitting in the nest, I will update this blog posting.  But I have a feeling he will be gone by light of day.  And this posting has been waiting for days to be posted.   Weeks!  But it was so much fun watching these little birds grow day by day.

I think my favorite is day seventeen, the morning picture.  I remember when I used to raise rats, it was right after they opened their eyes they were so cute that you just felt like popping them in your mouth,  .Day seventeen was the day I had to restrain myself.  


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