Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Garden Update with New Window Box Inside

Here is the new little "window box". Isn't it cute? I should have taken a pic of the overall effect on Wellington, but I didn't. Here's what you can picture. On the right side of the stairs is a DIFFERENT window box that looks nothing like this. But it all balances. This one has, from left to right, campanula, lemon mint, lamb's ear and a rose. Underneath is the bougainvillea which is coming along quite nicely. And look how gorgeous the Shoe Button Spirea is! It is not what I ordered from Mid City Nursery, but I like it and I'm keeping it. In fact, I might get another one to put on the left side, who knows?

The Lady Banks Rose is blooming! The Lady Banks Rose is blooming! And remember how we couldn't remember if we put in white or yellow? We put in yellow! It just opened today. Just a little bit. Way over on the left side. The rose on the right side fence still doesn't have buds. Oh well. Time to go get some stuff done for crying out loud.


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