Saturday, March 26, 2011

Googling Benicia

I've been wasting time lately googling one of my favorite topics, Benicia. Ooo, I love my new home town. I found this very interesting photo. I remember this site when we lived in Fairfield and would often cross the Benicia Bridge. Traveling south, as you looked to the left you would see this sight, which is now the north bound lanes of the Benicia Bridge. The old bridge now makes up the south bound lanes. I'm glad someone captured this for posterity. The photo came from here:

Recently I read in RealSimple magazine about a website: This is an archive of old photos from all over the country. You put in a city name and when the map pulls up, all the old photos they have of that area appear on the map. I thought it would be a perfect place to find some old photos of Benicia.

I was wrong. There is not one photo of Benica on that site. But it's still a cool site. It looks like they get their photos from people who uploaded them and apparently no one has uploaded any photos of Benicia. If I had one I would. The oldest one I have is an old photo of Wellington 1.0. (The old Wellington who was chopped down to form the new Wellington.) And technically I don't own the photo. Plus it's only five or six years old and I don't think that counts as "sepia". It's in color, too. It's somewhere on this blog already.

But there was a really cool picture of Kearny Street in San Francisco that I swear is the daughter's building in sepia tones. But the caption says it's looking up Kearny from Bush, which is not where the daughter's building is located. I sent it to her for research because I think they're wrong.

I also found this local author: She had photos of a day she spent in Benicia years ago. I'm not sure where she lives, but it's apparently 30 minutes from Benicia. Her photos are really cute and I love her writing. Her blog post from August 14, 2009 is regarding a day spent in Benicia. She ate at Captain Blithers, which is now Sailor Jacks. And she bought yards of vintage fabric. A lot has changed since she was here. She should come back. I'll tell her.


  1. Hi Stephanie--I *have* been back to Benecia since I wrote that post and was very surprised to see that Captain Blithers had given way to Sailor Jacks. CB had been there for eons! The fabric is now curtains and pillows in my house and it's past time for another visit. You are so lucky to get to live there! :)