Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Figgy's Baby

The first real sign of spring. Figgy's baby with his little leaf waving in the morning air.
Here's one of the lttle bench decks. It's just a little oasis as you meander down the arbor walk. There will be another on the other side. And there's one like it as you enter from the front yard. One more will have our outdoor table on it, right outside the kitchen. Then my little arbor walk plants planted all around. And the trees, of course. Because, hello? Arbor? Trees?

Speaking of trees, look at my little Snowberry. He was positively dormant all through the winter, but now he's getting little leafy bits. And from what I understand, his flowers will pop up underneath. That's why they say you should shove him on a hill so you can look up at his flowers. That's why I'm thinking of putting him outside the shed some day. The best part about this little guy is his hanging balls. When I bought him he had all the little ballies dangling from his arms. He was so cute. The balls eventually burst open and spew forth these black seeds, but we won't talk about that part. I'll keep you posted on the flower issue.

This next picture shows not only how happy this little lavender guy is, but also look how great Herbert is at taking pictures!


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