Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Walk in the Park

Let's just say you needed all of this:You'd get in the car and zip up to the grocery store, right? I mean, you might walk to the store if you ONLY needed the pasta and maybe one gallon of milk. But they make you buy two gallons of milk to get the discount. So okay, you could probably handle two gallons of milk and a box of pasta. It's a quick walk. But your arms would be sore by the time you got back. What if you needed the milk, pasta and a little fruit. You might think, I can grab a quick orange. Or an apple, maybe. If you were feeling particularly strong. Probably not a banana because it would get bruised. Cheese would be pretty easy, but hard to juggle with that box of pasta, two gallons of milk and one orange. And forget about the broccoli, and potatoes. But a whole BAG of oranges, a whole BAG of apples, five potatoes, three heads of broccoli and all the rest of it? That's just ridiculous.

But what you might have overlooked is this:
It's my little trolley. And YES I can fit ALL of this inside. The trick is you stack the heaviest stuff at the bottom and work up. As long as you can close the flap at the top, it's no problem. You just sort of drag the little guy behind you and walk home. He'll follow and you can pretend like you're taking a walk in the park!

I just love living in Benicia.


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