Sunday, March 13, 2011

Benicia in the Winter plus Googling Wellington plus The Daughter's New Job!

Early mornings are beautiful in Benicia, even in the winter. This is a view from the Benicia Marina back towards the condos on East E Street. Here is a view towards the water. I hardly ever even notice this marshland. It's at the end of East 2nd Street at East E Street. There's usually so much going on along the street here, plus the water is just on the other side, so the marsh takes a back seat. I'll have to explore it more later on.

I can't wait until Google puts the new maps up and I can see the new picture of Wellington. It still looks like this. I'm figuring this picture was taken in the early spring, around this same time of year, because of the clover in bloom. Jeanne next door says the kids call it "sour grass" because if you pull a flower and chew on the end of the stem it tastes sour. She's right about that part. It kind of tastes like a sour apple. But the daughter made me take it out of my mouth before I could form a definite opinion.
OMG I absolutely LOVE that darling daughter. Tomorrow she starts her CAREER! We are so proud of her we can hardly sleep at night. Some of us are a little disappointed that we don't get to go with her and watch everything she's doing and promise to stay very quiet so that you hardly know we're even in the room. But there's no help for it, I wasn't invited and I have to stay behind. But I'm hoping The Daughter won't be so tired by the end of the day that she can't tell me absolutley everything that she does and what she eats (catered lunch!) and where she sits and who was nice to her and whether they really and truly give her an iPad and a computer and maybe a little iPod for her mom. I'm not holding my breath on that last one, though. Mostly because I made that part up.

The husband is working away at the Arbor Walk. I'll put in updated pics sometime soon.


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