Monday, April 4, 2011

American Bungalow

Two months ago I went to the local Borders Books, coupon in hand, determined to get something to feed my bungalow fever. With 40% off, I could afford to splurge. I found a great book in the architecture section, on sale for $16, but with the coupon, that would only be about $11.00 (too lazy to do the actual math). When I made it through the checkout line I found that the coupon didn't apply to sale items. Being in a frugal mood, I got out of line, put the book back and continued browsing.
In the magazine section, I happened on a magazine called "American Bungalow." The cover price of $8.95 surprised me (it's a MAGAZINE!), but I flipped through it quickly and decided it was just what I was looking for. And would only be about $5! Still a lot for a magazine, but I had that coupon, so I sidled up to the counter only to be informed that the coupon didn't apply to magazines. I bought it anyway. I had fallen in love with it in the three minutes it took me to get to the register. And I'm glad I did. It was better than any magazine, and better than most books, I had read on the topic. I love the section entitled "Family Album" where readers send in photos of their bungalows along with a blurb about the history of the house. Even the advertisements are uniquely satisfying. Some are from Benicia!
The problem with the magazine is that it only comes out quarterly. Recently I went back to the local Borders. Unfortunately the store is closing, but furtunately the magazines were 30% off! I zipped to the House section and was just quick enough to snag the very last issue of American Bungalow! I'm now on page 14. I'm relishing it. Savoring every morsel. I read a bit with my morning tea and will read more later when the husband and I sit on the new DECK in the ARBOR WALK (which still isn't compete, but is coming along - photos to follow).
Here is American Bungalow's website. It's not as good as the actual magazine, though. Can't wait for the next one!


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