Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Westly

When we first bought Wellington, we had a fairly short but important To-Do list. Right towards the top was exterior paint. Poor little Wellington looked so pitiful from the outside. The waist-high weeds made it difficult to recognize his exterior beauty. What were they thinking? Luckily, right at the top of our list was weed abatement. Because as the landscaping improved, the paint color didn't seem quite so bad. A visiting friend who had been warned about the paint said that she thought the exterior was great. She agreed, however, about the interior which by then was much improved. As stated in a previous post , the interior of Wellington was Cinnamon Toast (aka pink) when we first closed escrow. Thanks to The Husband's diligence, the interior was quickly corrected, for the most part.


I still dream of new paint colors for Wellington. If he looks good clad in blue/green, just think what he would look like in something more suited to a 1920s Arts and Crafts Bungalow. I found this picture on Old House Journal. It is an original rendering of a Sears "ready-cut" house that would be cut, shipped and then assembled on your lot. This one is called The Wesly model, and it is very much like Wellington. This was their most popular model and just goes to show that they were building two-story bungalows in the 1920s. Many sites I read say a true bungalow is one-story, which really rankles. Wellington is definitely a bungalow. A 1000 square foot, 90 year old bungalow on the outside and a 2700 square foot four year old bungalow on the inside.


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