Monday, April 11, 2011

TriBeCa Loft

Although it has absolutely nothing to do with Wellington, there's something about this loft in Manhattan. I found the slideshow while Blog Surfing. The site is Apartment Therapy. It was hard to choose which of the photos to post, but I love the transom windows above the two bedrooms and their use of picnic tables as dining room tables. The Husband and I are trying to decide on seating for the Arbor Walk. Picnic tables were thrown out there and I threw them out, there. But look at this cute space. And that ceiling. It's worth it to snurk over to that blog and run through the slide show.
Meanwhile, The Husband and I have been working on the Arbor Walk. We went to Home Depot today to buy fittings for some plumbing thing we have to do. Then we zipped home and I held onto this PVC pipe while TH glued some bits together, then I came inside and made dinner while he finished up. I don't know what he was doing out there, but I'm pretty sure we now have a faucet in the Arbor Walk. (Dinner was salmon quiche and collards with tomatoes.)
Yesterday I took my poor little plants that have been all bound up in their six-packs, with their little roots all jumbled and pinched, and planted them into all the extra pots I could find around the place. I'm hoping to be putting them in the ground soon, but until then they can wriggle their toes a bit. Update pics of the Arbor Walk to follow when I'm not feeling quite so lazy.


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