Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hugo Update Plus Lemon Pie

Many of my loyal readers have been asking me about Hugo.  "How is Hugo?" they ask, "We haven't heard about her lately."  Well the truth is, there are other things in life besides kitty cats.  Although some of our children's friends would say that we're "obsessed" with this cat, I think my loyal readers will concur that there's just not near enough pictures of her up on the blog.  Especially lately.

So for all of you who feel Hugo-deprived, here is a little vignette.  She was taking a nap on her favorite of the Arbor Walk decks.  I crept up on her (good thing I wasn't a rhyno or a hippo or whatever it is that eats cats) and positioned my camera just in time for her to turn around and say "meow-lo." 
In other news, I baked a two-hour lemon pie.  It was delicious, so it looks like I have to find at least two more hours in the future sometime for an encore.  Also, the apple tree is adorable.


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