Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wellington's Fruit Production

We could have gone to Europe on what it cost us to grow six lousy ears of corn.  I didn't make that up.  Neil Simon did.  And it's not corn, it's plums, peaches, apples and cherries.  And they didn't cost that much.  I would say about $18 total.  But still, a lot of effort went into Wellington's fruit crops this year with not much to show for it.  The peaches were fairly edible.  I got one cherry.  The plums and apples aren't ripe yet.

Actually when I think about it, not that much effort went in. The trees were planted one to two years ago. Then mostly we just watered and waited. So never mind.

This last tree is actually a Japanese Maple I grew from a little baby seed.  I gave it to my sister and it's in her backyard.  It's now about seven feet tall and six feet wide.  Just thought I'd shove it on the blog for safe keeping.  It's very happy.

The Neil Simon movie is Seems Like Old Times from 1980 which everyone knows is one of my favorites.  Unless you don't know me, then it still is but you didn't know.  It's okay.  I blame myself.


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