Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Strange Real Estate Listings

 I look at many real estate listings every day.  Generally they're fairly professional.  Occasionally really impressive.  And quite often absolutely appalling.

For instance, one listing stated "Neighbors on each side have a lake view ..."  What is this supposed to mean?  Are we supposed to be happy for the neighbors?  Are they implying the subject property has a view, and if so, why don't they just say so?  I really can't see how this is supposed to be an asset.

And what do we think of this:  "In the last year all the flooring in the house has been changed to commercial grade vinyl (looks and feels like laminate)."  Since when was laminate flooring something to aspire to?  Look, if you've replaced the flooring with commercial grade vinyl, don't advertise it.

Then there are people who not only can't spell, they can't be bothered to use spell check.  "This property sits in a quite, seculed area close to the end of the lane."  Seriously?

And what is up with these photos?  Look at this kitchen photo.  I think it needs no comment from me.
But I can't help myself.    Any good agent would take five minutes to sweep the trash off the countertop before taking a photo.  You can always put it back when you're done.  What is that guy DOING?  That's just creepy.

Yes, that is a spinning wheel on the back of the bathtub.

The caption under this, the only, photo is "Value is in the land,a must see."  What part is a must see, and why am I not seeing it?

It's worth a chuckle, anyway.


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