Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wellington Update

Before I get into the Wellington update, I have a few pics I took in Benicia this month (July 2012).

This first one is another evening walk down by the water.

This is one of the alleys near Wellington.  Someone in this alley loves wildlife.  There are bird feeders and squirrel feeders.  Occasionally there are birds and squirrels.

This is the new Bed and Breakfast right off First Street on the water.  It's called the Shorelight Inn.  If I didn't already live in WELLINGTON which sits in BENICIA, I would come here for VACATION.  But my life is a vacation, so I'll shove this pic on the blog and let everyone else try it out.

This house close to the water is for sale for $858,000.  It's about the same size as Wellington but it's 12 years older than the porch and 99 years older than the rest of Wellington

We often pass this house while on our morning and/or evening walks.  It looks old but it was actually built in the 1970s.  It's close to downtown.

Okay, now for the Wellington update.  I have recently divided Wellington's yard into 10 zones in order to keep track of all the plant tags and growth.  This is the porch with it's little Christmas tree.

  This is zone 1, with the crepe myrtle tree, and zone 2, with the oak tree and pittosporums.

Also zones 1 and 2.  You can see the pittosporum tree in the foreground, the other crepe myrtle on the right and the Forest Pansy Redbud in the center.

Zone 3.  The Lady Banks rose is getting large.

 Zone 4.  That's the bougenvillea growing up the porch wall.

Zone 5 with one of the few plants (the Japanese maple) that was here when we moved in.  It looks a lot healthier.  The abelia, to the right and up against the house, have just about reached the window.

 Zone 6 with the other Lady Banks.

 Zone 7 and 8.  This butterfly bush was here when we moved in, too.

Zone 7 with the little Granny Smith apple tree.  Six apples will soon be part of an apple tart I'm going to bake for my sweet little hubby next week.

Zone 8.  This area really looks great.  I love the sun which was a present from my mother in law.  The two turtles live in this raised bed.

Zone 9 is my favorite area.  This is the Arbor Walk which has grown in and is such a pleasant place to sit.  As the trees get larger, it will be even nicer.

Zone 10 has a lovely olive tree which will some day provide a nice shady area.  The bird bath sometimes attracts birds!
Wellington is looking so lovely.  And organized.  :)


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