Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hot Day at the Harbor

Oh, it's going to be a warm one.  The Hub and I walked down 1st Street, right to the pier at the end.  It was still, and already warm.  Not even 11 a.m.
You have to look closely to see, but there's an artist doing a chalk drawing of the Vermeer painting, Girl With a Pearl Earring.  Hopefully it will still be there next time we go down and I can take a picture of the final product.  Then again there's always a chance he's not very good.  We may never know.
This is the view of Benicia from the pier.
Look closely at this pic and you can see a pair of kayakers paddling around the little island.  It was so peaceful you could hear the colony of seagulls calling to one another.  It made me wish I was out in a kayak with the hub.  But I have a feeling I wouldn't like it.  I was terrified on a great big sailboat with my brother-in-law at the wheel.  (See old post re:  sailing.)
The marshy land bordering the straits.
This is the old shipyard at the end of West C Street.
The Community Garden on 1st Street.
There is some building going on near the new succulent nursery.

It's now 12:30 and over 80 degrees.  But nice and cool inside Wellington.  We have good insulation.  But sometimes I have to go outside just to warm up.
In fact, I just had my lunch in the Arbor Walk with Hugo.  It was Greek Yogurt with a peach and a cherry, picked right off the trees and still warm from the sun.  Honey drizzled on top.  And a kitty to lick the bowl when I'm done.  So far it's shaping up to be a nice day.

UPDATE:  It's almost 9 pm.  We just got back from an evening walk.  Here is the Vermeer in chalk, as promised.  Go ahead, click on it.


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