Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wish List: Shed

You could hardly even call this a shed.  It's a tiny house.  Snagged from the Tiny House blog.  It's from the Tumbleweed kit.  I've been dreaming of a shed in my back yard for years and years.  Even before we moved to Wellington.  The Husband helped build a shed with his dad and brother about 30 years ago, and ever since I saw them do it I've been itching to help him build one myself. 

I'm sure it won't be this elaborate, but I'm planning on cute and quaint with a window and window box.  I was hoping for a chicken inside, but that's okay.  The Dot tells me her friend's chickens have taken over the whole yard.  I like my yard and have plenty of eggs.  And pets (one old cat, one fluffy guinea pig and two stoic turtles).  But I sure would like a shed perched at the back of my yard, looking down over the Arbor Walk.

Speaking of turtles, Angrite the angry male Russian Tortoise woke up today.  Last year he woke up before spring and put himself back to bed, so I wasn't surprised to see him.  His wife, Pica, is still snoozing away.  Maybe she's pregnant!  I'll keep you posted.


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