Friday, February 10, 2012

Real Esate Diversion: San Francisco Contemporary

The Dot is looking in earnest for a new place in San Francisco.  This isn't it.  And not because it's $3 million.  It's two and a half miles from work!  But isn't it cool?

This is the rooftop deck (it doesn't have a yard.)  Below is the little observatory so you can still see the incredible views during inclement weather.  Inclement weather is generally imminent when you live in the City by the Bay.  So this should come in handy.
This house is so open and bright, it just gives me a great feeling.
Love this kitchen with the industrial details.

A view over the rooftops towards the Golden Gate.

Here is the front with port hole and steel garage door.  So cool.  You can just glimpse a bit of the pink apartment building to the left.  I'd still take it.  But it's not quite right for The Dot. 


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