Saturday, February 11, 2012

Garden Update and Blue Ivy

This is the peach tree.  It's completely in bloom and it's only February 11th.  That's California for you.  Last year it bloomed at the same time, according to The Blog.  And we got peaches (we were expecting nectarines), so it's okay.  They weren't exactly edible, but the tree was just a baby.  I have high hopes for edible fruit this year. 
The viburnum along the back wall is starting to bloom.    It's beautiful.
The arbutus marina (or strawberry tree) is blooming.  It has dangly "strawberries" on it, too.
This is the hibiscus that rooted all on its own when I had it inside in a vase.  So we shoved it in the ground!  It's just a baby.
The jade, which has been in a pot for about twelve years, is blooming for the first time.  I originally plucked a teeny piece of the jade in (shhh) Disneyland outside Sleeping Beauty's castle.  I kept it in a paper cup until we got home, put it in the ground and now it's three to four feet round and BLOOMING!

This is just a spider that was building a web.  He helps keep down the gnat population.
Here's Sybil.  She's a multi-fruit tree we got for FREE at Lowe's.  Look at all the buds!  I can't remember the three fruits on here, but I think there's a plum and maybe a nectarine.  Luckily it's labeled, but I'm too lazy to look right now.
Look how gorgeous the sky was yesterday evening.
This is the hardenbergia that is blooming along the back wall with the viburnum.

The weeping Japanese maple along the arbor walk is just setting its leaf buds.

As promised, I have included some pictures of our wonderful cat, Blue Ivy.  Her name used to be Hugo.  But recent events have motivated us to change her name to Blue Ivy.  Read about those events here.

We've also named our new olive tree Blue Ivy.  And we're encouraging the Little Boy to change the name of his little blue car to Blue Ivy.

Stay tuned for more garden updates and more pictures of Blue Ivy.


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