Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Day in Benicia (Blip Rejects)

These are all the photos I didn't use on my Blip photo blog.  All photos were taken February 26, 2012 in and around Wellington in Benicia.

The top photo is the sedum The Hub planted along the top of the Century Stone wall in front.  It looks like three different plants when it's fully in bloom.

Above is one of the cacti in my kitchen window.  It's developing buds.  It's so cute when it blossoms.  I bought it the week we moved into Wellington.  It generally only blooms along the base, then forms babies.
These three palm trees grow outside the mobile home park near the water.  They're very well tended.  Pretend like you're in Hawaii.
Another view of the boats down at the harbor.

A young lady down by the harbor. The sculpture is a whimsical one of Jack London.  He used to hang around Benicia quite a bit. 
Some people out of focus, looking at the water.
Two kids playing near the wall while a boat goes past.

An interesting house on a pier.  Don't know the story behind this, but I like how it looks.  That's the city of Martinez across the water.

Looking up into a willow tree.
One of the boats at the harbor.  It was pretty far away, so this isn't a very good picture.  But I liked this boat.

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You can see which photo I chose, not included in this blog, by clicking on February 26 on the calendar.


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