Saturday, March 3, 2012

Benicia Scenes (More Blip Rejects)

This boat is no longer functional.  But it's very interesting.  Home to many a barnacle.

Figgy's toes are wonderfully gnarly.
This is the cleanest cat we've ever owned.  Our first cat.  But still.  Clean.
A blustery day down by the water.

Some of you who read both of my blogs may recognize some of these.  But this one deserved another look.  It's a huge barge zipping along the strait at the end of 1st Street.

Sweetest little piglet trying to hide in a clump of vegetation.  That's her.  She's brown and white.  With fur.
That darn cat again.  She spends most of the day cleaning or snoozing.  It was a very warm day and she got awfully sleepy on the front steps.
Fresh cut lawn and a view of the topiary.
The Lady Banks is blooming!  It's been covered in buds for a week or so, and today they burst open!  Last year the show was disappointing.  This little rose is normally very impressive.  I'll keep you posted.
The turtles are having outings in the Arbor Walk lately.  Pica, the female, spends most of her time eating and relaxing (she is named after an eating disorder).  Angrite runs around angrily knocking over pots.  They're a good pair.  Today Angrite spent about 30 frantic seconds on his back after falling off a five inch cliff.  He managed to turn over all by himself. 
Here is the Fish-Riddel house on West K.  If I was a little braver I would have had a really good pic.  The gate was open, with the walk leading right to the front door which was also open.  Their dog was laying on the lawn.  But I'm a chicken so this will have to do.
I just really liked this chimney on this old house on the corner of West K and West 2nd. 
This is a fence in the alley behind our house.  That's the sun shining through the notch.  We've had a lot of it lately at Wellington.


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