Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Property for Sale in London!

One of my favorite blogs Susk and Banoo with an umlaut, features a delightful young woman and her husband.  I have blogged about them in the past.  When I first started peering into their lives, they were reno-ing the sweetest little quirky row house in London.  They're now selling it.  The picture above is one of their professional photos for marketing purposes.  I just love her taste.  And personality. 

The umlaut is over the U, not part of the title.

Speaking of which, I ran across this photo in the MLS today while I was diligently WORKING, something I do between chatting with The Dot, reading favorite blogs and planning trips to ITALY!  Do you think a man might live in this house?  This is the state of the real estate market these days.  So many of the listings are short sales.  The sellers have very little interest in actually selling and are mostly motivated by the desire to get the banks off their backs.  It makes for very interesting browsing.  This particular listing also featured a kitchen sink full of dishes.  Which I suppose is better than a bathroom sink full of dishes.  But less interesting.
Here's a marketing tip:  don't take a picture of the toilet.  I've mentioned this before.  But seriously, put the lid down if you do.  And the seat. 


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