Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Can't Beat a Beet

Oh beets, why are you so blech? You are gorgeous. And apparently you're good for me. But you taste like beets.

Don't tell, but today the daughter and I bought some things at some after-Christmas sales. I bought a 4 foot peggly tree like the little 2 1/2 foot peggly tree I had near my front door this year. And I bought some garland to put on my stairs. Just the right amount for my little bit of downstairs railing. It's going to be SO cute next year around here!

Last week I bought a new house to go with the Mini Wellington glitter village I'm making. I figured next Christmas I can make the church to go with the Mini Wellington glitter village. But yesterday I found a church that was too good to pass up! So now the Mini Wellington village has three houses and one church. And I haven't even made the 2011 glitter house yet!

The daughter bought the same 4 foot peggly tree and a candle. We bought them here http://www.beniciabay.com/.

Oh, Christmas 2011 is going to be SO FUN!


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