Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wellington's Post Christmas Bliss

Here is a little glimpse of how Wellington is fairing after his HUGE Christmas celebration!
This is one of my favorite parts of Wellington's Christmas decor. The daughter moved her desk chair out into the living room. It looks so cute in by the tree! I haven't decided if she can have it back yet.Here's a gift that I bought for someone, and Wellington ended up with it. It's supposed to be a cupcake stand or something. But we think it looks nice holding Wellington's fruit. He shares it with us.
This is Hugo's favorite Christmas spot, besides curled up next to one of us on the sofa with her head in our lap and her arms stretched out as far as they go. She likes to sit by the tree and just stare at the lights. Makes me think she must have loved Christmas in one of her former lives.

My dear friend, Katie, brought me this ornament. I used to collect cows, so this is a very special memento.

Here's Hugo asking me for something. I think it was her special Christmas treat of Kitty Tuna. That's what she got, anyway.

I bought this little flower pot in a shop in town that was going out of business, back in October. I hid it away in my secret storage compartment under the eaves in my bedroom cubby. As Christmas approached, I found this Amaryllis and planted him in the pot. When it came time to start giving gifts, I decided Wellington didn't want to part with this little guy. So he is sitting on my kitchen garden shelf, anxious to open up and show his stuff.

The kids were playing today with their Christmas presents. The daughter has a Kindle and the son has a new game. I can't remember what it's called, but he likes it.
The husband, the daugher and I went to the mall yesterday to return a Christmas runner to Macy's. The daughter and I saw this pillow that looked so cute, I had to snap a pic. I might have even bought it, but it was $100! What are they thinking?

Now we've just finished dinner (acorn squash, corn/bell pepper saute, risotto and chicken breasts) and the husband is cleaning the kitchen. Then we're going to relax all over the place.


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