Thursday, December 23, 2010

Creepy Santa Collection

As I long ago promised to all of my loyal readers, here is the Creepy Santa post. This is a collection I started last year with this adorable little guy. The best part about him is that whatever he used to be holding in his left hand has long ago fallen off. So now, in addition to having an unnaturally red face and a menacing sneer, he is holding a metal spear.

This one with a guilty look on his little face appears to be perched next to a mushroom. He is holding a bunch of greenery in his right hand. Not sure what he's up to, but I assume it's nothing good.

Next one is pretty cute, but he gets to be in the Creepy Santa collection by virtue of his age and angle. I would say he's more jolly than creepy.

This one is new this year. He is plastic and hollow and he cost 95 cents. This is enough to get him into the Creepy Santa collection, but on top of it all, he's 10 inches tall. I would say he's more tacky than creepy, but at that price I couldn't pass him up.

This is a plastic head with no eyeballs. You shove him onto one of those fairy lights on your tree. He's supposed to give you the holiday spirit, but he reminds me of the time I took care of my friend's dead turtle. I thought he was just shy until I noticed his eyesockets were empty because he was decomposing.

This one is new for 2010. He was contributed by Marc. At first glance you might think he is "quaint" but you may not have noticed that he has a teeny face that I'm pretty sure is creepy. I'm going to get a magnifying glass and look more closely as soon as I have the time.

I just love this one. I bought him this year at the Polka Dot Attic in Danville. He is actually my most expensive Creepy Santa (many of them being virtually free). I was sufficiently creeped out when I brought him to the clerk, in his little cellophane wrapper and Christmas bow. But when she paused before ringing him up to make sure I knew that he was a "footless" Santa, I was sold.

The rest of these are on my wish list. Most of them I found on eBay while trying to price my collection (I think it might be worth about $4). But I wanted to hang onto their pictures for nostalgic purposes. I think they require no further explanation.

Except this last one. I didn't actually find him on eBay. The brother sent me this pic and I'm still having nightmares. Where he found it, I don't even want to know. That's not Christmassy at all!


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