Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas at Wellington

Welcome to Wellington at Christmastime. I never thought I could love Wellington more. But I was wrong. Our house is so cute, cozy and Christmassy I'm not sure if I can stand it. But I'll try.

When we first moved here, my sister-in-law, asked me where we would put the Christmas tree. That was in June. (she loves Christmas.) She suggested we put it in the front room so you could see the twinkling lights through the front door. She was right!
There's a little store downtown called Romancing the Home, which absolutely had to be scouted out for new Christmas decorations. This little tree is from that store, along with the three pink and white Christmas trees that Mini Wellington is using for his Christmas scene.

That's Mini Wellington on the right.

Also, this little castle cage to the left in this pic was from there. It usually has ivy plants in it, but they're taking a little break outside. Now it has sprigs from the Christmas tree, along with lights and a couple of ornaments, including a new cow ornament from Auntie Katie. There's one of the new creepy Santas (blog post to follow) to the right of the Christmas Castle.

Some kitties love, love, love Christmas. They have to sort of lick their paws so they can keep nice and clean in Wellington at Christmastime. We don't like little muddy kitty prints on the floor. The daughter took this pic of Hugo on her bed. Don't tell Pop.
Speaking of Pop. Here's the husband and son bringing the tree into Wellington. The tree was so big we had to bring it around to the front door. This was before we decorated it.

One last Wellington at Christmastime photo, and then I have to go relax and knit and have a cup of tea. More posts to follow, if I have time. I have a party to plan!


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