Saturday, September 25, 2010

Well, Well, Wellington

Look at Wellington! Is he so cute? YES! He doesn't really look that different from this angle, but look:

Here's his little front porch. His coleus has grown so much! And there's the Japanese Maple, one of the only original plants still in the front yard.

Here are some of the plants we put in. In the back is one of the Lady Banks roses. It's going to grow up over the fence and be full of blossoms! Then there's coreopsis, penstemeon, fox glove, campanula, euonymous and a teeny pine tree. All of the spelling is right out of my head and I'm too lazy to see if it's right. But that's okay, because Wellington is so easy going, he doesn't even care!

This area of Wellington is very interesting. It's the neighbor's garage which is built on the lot line. The paint is pealing and some might consider it an eye sore. I think it's quaint. Admittedly it could use a little "blockage", so we started growing vines up there. The husband put bird houses on top of the vine stakes. I think it's cute! And the good part is it can only get cuter.

Wellington is very proud of this little sunflower he grew with only a little help from me.

And here's one of his morning glories. It was grown from a seed and it blossomed!

Here's a view from up top. That's the blossom on the right. That vine is going to grow up that railing. There's another one on the other railing, but it's not blooming yet.

This little guy is a creeping fig which will eventually obscure the quaintness of that garage wall.

Here's what the sitting area is looking like. We'll probably put in a fire pit for the colder months and a water feature for the warm months.

Even the piglets got spruced up!
That's it for now. Next time I'll update more of Wellington's frontal features.


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