Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Table and Historic Preservation!

This is our new table. We are very happy with it because not only is it LARGE and since the daughter and I work from home we love to SPREAD OUT, but it is Mission Style and fits with Wellington's flavor oh, so deliciously.

In other news, the Frisbie Walsh house up the street (which is the oldest residence in Benicia) is finally being renovated after months and months of sitting idle with its weeds growing up and its steps disintegrating. I understand it has been a Bed and Breakfast in the past. I'm not sure what it is planning to be in the future, but I'm sure glad it's getting some Tender Loving Care because it deserves it!

Here are some views from the alley. It used to have a completely rotted back wall that fronted on the alley, but they have completely replaced that.

Here's that back structure on the alley. They were working on it yesterday in the rain, too! I'll keep you posted.


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