Monday, June 3, 2013

The Fruits of Wellington and a Trip to Carmel

Some of us have been out of town.  Mostly to New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island.  But they're all close together so it hardly counts.

Back in town, I noticed that Wellington's fruits are positively POPPING.

This is our very first apricot!  This poor little tree was a hand-me-down that was planted as we were making the Arbor Walk.  He arrived all wind-blown from his trip 35 miles in a truck.  His trunk is scarred.  It took him two and a half years to pop out a piece of fruit.  And frankly I don't remember seeing a blossom on this tree.  But there's the apricot!  Proof of fertility if I ever saw it.
Speaking of apricots, here is one of Sybil's plums.  She has quite a few.  But her apricot stick remains fruitless.  She has a couple of peaches, but I think they're duds.

The red apple tree has zero apples.  The green apple tree has two apples, a green one and this reddish one. I'm not complaining.  I'll take what I get.
The problem with living at Wellington is that he is so beautifully located that it's hard to think of somewhere ELSE to go when someone has a birthday or other special occasion to celebrate.  The Dot had her 25th birthday this weekend and decided that she would like to take a family drive to Carmel.  Carmel is a beautiful town only two hours from Wellington.  It was very hot at Wellington, so Carmel seemed like a perfect solution.  72 degrees and sunny.  My favorite.
A saw this cute little house and snapped this cute little pic.  There were a couple of houses for sale along this street, called Ocean Boulevard on account of the fact that it leads to the ocean.  One house was a cute little brick four bedroom with a guest house.  It is a mere $5,500,000.  Another house right at the beach is just over $8,000,000.  Luckily we're happy at Wellington.
 But Carmel is beautiful.

We finished up with a glass of wine at The Lodge.  Some people were playing a round of golf or so.  It was a gorgeous day.


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