Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Benicia Sightings

Yesterday at the harbor there was a fairly cool sight which I failed to capture.  A rather large ship was passing by with tugboats on either end.  I think there was some kind of a barge in there also, but I can't tell by looking at this picture.  It was another nice day, though.

On Friday the little boy and his friend were taking a walk to the water, so I tagged along.  It was hot and beautiful.
Meanwhile back at Wellington, the little snippet that I clipped from the plant in Grass Valley one year ago is positively THRIVING.  Loyal readers will remember that I had the cutting in water in a jar in my kitchen for a while.  It rooted.  The Hub planted it, after which all three of its leaves fell off.  But they came back!
It's mother was gorgeous, so I have high hopes.


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