Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Flowers and Fruit

As usual, there has been a lot of planting here at Wellington.  A new lime tree named Winthrop, various flowering grasses and this gorgeous clematis that was on sale.  It has only been in the ground a few days and it is already showing off!

Even more exciting is the single apricot.  Two and a half years ago we planted this poor little apricot tree in the Arbor Walk.  I never saw a blossom on it.  But apparently there was at least one blossom, because this year he produced this single apricot.  And this afternoon I ate it.

I actually shared it with the big guy.  But only one bite.  It was the best apricot I've ever eaten, and I'm not just saying that.  It was tangy, yet sweet.  Firm, yet juicy.  Yummy, yet eaten.

We had a huge crop of peaches.  They were pretty good, too.  Except we left the last batch on the tree too long and they got mealy.  But while they were ripe, they were very good.  We were really happy with this batch.  And we're very happy with Wellington.


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