Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy Third Birthday, Wellington!

It's hard to believe we have lived in Wellington for three years now.  But it's true.  April 24, 2010 was the day we closed escrow on my beautiful house.  

Today we celebrated by relaxing.  Which left me plenty of time to take these pics.  Just little snippets of Wellington, inside and out.  And little blips of Benicia in general, because this is where Wellington lives.

 Above are Wellington photos.  Below are photos I took while we were walking today.
I have always wondered what this is, at the entrance of the alley on East 2nd street between East H and East G.

 One of the quaint old houses, in need of repair.  But well loved.

Down at the harbor we saw this little orphan patch of ducklings, peeping around.  They saw us and turned back, shooting through that opening in the dock.  They kept peeping and peeping, no mama or papa duck in sight.  So we stopped and watched as they paddled in and out of the boat slips.  Eventually a male and female duck swooped in, quacking frantically, and rescued the poor little flock.
This poor mangy cat was snoozing on the steps of this poor mangy (but intriguing) house on East 5th Street.
 Another East 5th Street with plenty of character.
This East 5th Street house has gotten plenty of love.  Luckily.

We had a celebratory dinner of broccoli soup with microwave potato chips.  Life is good at Wellington.  Three years running.


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