Monday, January 2, 2012

Post Christmas Post and a Trip to The City

The Dot is toying with the idea of moving to San Francisco where she works.  Last week we took BART to the city to look at an apartment.  This isn't it.  But it was on this street.  It's a very old building, but has been updated.  It's really cute, but we like her at home.  Hopefully she'll wait a bit.  Her commute to The City isn't too bad right now.
Here's the city in question.  I didn't take this picture the day we went on BART, obviously.  Because BART goes under the bay.  Right before Christmas, The Fam drove to San Francisco (35 minutes) to see a production of A Christmas Carol.  It was very enjoyable.  No pics because they don't allow you to take pics once you're inside the theater. 

Here is one of the pictures I took inside the theater.  The other one is worse.
This is what BART looks like when it's approaching.  It was all very exciting. 

Here is another house on the same street as The Dot's apartment she's not getting.

We had a nice day toodling around the City.  We took Muni which I thought was a bus, but it turns out to sometimes be a train.  It was pretty cool.  You can ride it for four hours for $2.  Unless you're a student - then it's only 75 cents.  We weren't.  The Dot used her "Clipper Card" which she just slid through this slot.  I had to fumble with money and sort of drop my bags and hold everything up.  But otherwise I pretty much looked like I knew what I was doing.  The seats were plastic which makes them more "hose"-able.  BART's seats are cloth and that always makes me wonder about germs.  But mostly I try not to think about it and just enjoy myself, for crying out loud.

We had lunch in Golden Gate Park.  It was very close to The Dot's non-apartment. 

I think I forgot to include these two desserts on the last post and I'm too lazy to go back and insert them.  This was a rum cake I made when we went to the family Christmas gathering.  Below is the Buche de Noel (French for "chocolate cake in the shape of a log") that The Dot made because some people don't eat rum cake and plus she's practically half French.  It was really good.
Below is my Creepy Santa collection.  Loyal readers will recall that I collect really creepy Santas.  It all started one year when I bought an old bag of "picks" from my favorite Thrift Store in Danville.  The whole bag cost $1 and inside were the three lovely little guys in front on the right.  I have since seen them in a Martha Stewart magazine as collectibles from Germany!  I like them because they're pretty creepy.  In former posts I had close-ups.  The one second from the right has a pretty scary expression and a very red face.  The one third from the right is holding a sharp skewer.  I think it used to have something Christmassy attached to it.  My newest one is second from the left in the back.
Here he is close-up.  Isn't he great?  I got him in March at the Benicia Pedlar's Faire.  I don't know why his eyeballs are so askew, but I'm glad they are.

Now I'm going to go make my New Year's Resolutions.  I won't say what they will probably be, but I think the theme will mostly likely be "consumption".  Either too much or too little, depending on the thing being consumed which may or may not be chocolate and water.


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