Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Photos on my Desktop

Like most people, I have all kinds of weird things lurking on my desktop.  The Little Boy, who is a tech guy, says I should clear it off now and then because it makes my computer run more slowly.  This evening I was going through the folders, creating shortcuts for important files and deleting things I didn't need.  Before I deleted these random photos, I thought I would shove them up her on the blog just for fun.

This first one is a local MLS photo I thought was funny.  I was planning to send it to my Mom so we could have a chuckle.  I never got around to it.

This is some Realtor's idea of an amenity.  I think a general rule of thumb is, don't take a photo of a toilet.  Sometimes a toilet sneaks into a photo, and that's fine.  Make sure the lid is down, and just try to ignore it.  But what is going on here?  Is that someone's purse?  And what amenity is this supposed to showcase?  Does this photo make you want to buy this house?  Me neither.

 Here is a photo I got off of some website I was looking at.  I can't remember which, or I would provide a link.  This photo just made me feel good, so I saved it.  I love that little pool house with its lower level.  I think it's some teeny little basement.  I don't know, but it tweaks my imagination, so I saved it and now I'm putting it here.
 Here is my cat.  She was sitting on my desk looking out the window, so I snapped a picture with my webcam and sent it to The Dot.
 Speaking of the kitty.  This morning it was cold, cold, COLD in Wellington.  I think it was about twenty something outside.  Inside it was 60 degrees!  That's cold for Northern California.  And it's cold for 17 year old kitties with old bones.  So once the heat came on, she decided she needed to cozy up to the heater.  Just for an hour or so.  Just to get the creaks out.

Interestingly I just realized these two photos are backwards.  Hmmm.
Here is another MLS photo for a local $3,000,000 house.  I just liked this little room.  It looks like a wedgey room you would find in some old house.  But this house was built in the early 2000s.  Cozy!  Much better marketing than a toilet w/purse.  Good job!

Okay, now I can delete these from my desktop.  When I need them again, I'll just come back here.  You can, too.


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