Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Houses of Benicia

The light was gorgeous in the evening when we took our walk.  It had been a fairly hot day, but it's always a bit cooler down by the water, so The Hub and I often take a bit of a stroll downtown as the sun sets.
This row of houses was particularly evocative.  On the right is an apartment building which looks to have been built in the 1950s.  Next to it are a couple of typical bungalows.  This is the 100 block of West J Street.
Speaking of bungalows, how's my favorite Benicia bungalow?  Just frickin gorgeous.  Part of the upstairs had a bit of rot from what I like to call an attack of the weather.  It could happen to anyone.  So The Hub got some special lumber milled and replaced the rotted area, then he painted it with special paint he had gotten matched since the architect couldn't remember the paint colors.  We spent quite a few weeks in 2011 trying to match the color and we got pretty close.  A couple of weeks ago someone ding-donged and asked for our house color, if we wouldn't mind.  We wouldn't, but I'm not sure how helpful our Ace Hardware "formula" was.  This woman said she has been driving past Wellington for a year and admiring him.  He's become a bit of a celebrity around these parts, at least in my own mind.

We're happy with him, anyway.  And there was a time when no one would have taken a second look at poor old Wellington.  Luckily those days have past.


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