Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Updates and The Brother is Coming!

The daffodil is taking off, in anticipation of the brother coming to visit! He arrives tomorrow and I think he's going to be very surprised to see that the daffodil has grown so much, plus with blossoms!

And look at the Arbor Walk! Last time the brother was here this was a patch of weeds. Actually there was a whole different house on this lot last time the brother was here. How surprising is that?
Also, let's not forget about the nectarine tree, which is absolutely POPPING with blossoms. The brother will be impressed.

Here's another angle of the Arbor Walk. It's a work in progress. Maybe we can get the brother to help while he's here "resting".

Here is the front right patch. I just fed it so hopefully it will start taking off more. Probably after the brother leaves, though.
And I think I owe Hugo an apology. There's a little plant in this section (below) that I saw her eating, but today it's completely gone with snail slime all around. And if I'm not mistaken, cats don't ooze snail slime while eating plants. I'll check with the brother while he's here, just to be sure. He knows more about cats.

Speaking of the brother, won't he be surprised to see this little garden area that the husband has recently planted? It looks like a professional was hired, but he WASN'T!
Of course, Hugo had to watch me while I was taking the pics. She's very excited about the brother. She's heard so much about him.
(The chairs are covered in plastic while it's raining in honor of THE BROTHER.)


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