Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Putty Tats and Daffodils

It's spring! It's spring! No it isn't! It's winter! But this weekend it was almost 75 degrees and we gardened absolutely the whole time. It certainly felt like spring. Which reminds me of putty tats and daffodils because look! The kitty found a new, safe place to watch the mean dog who lives up the street and comes over to roll in our grass. Is she the cutest thing?
And here's the part about daffodils. After my amaryllis spent itself, I decided it would be easy enough to "force" bulbs in the house. So I read up on it and it sounded pretty complicated - stick in the freezer, put in 3 inches of potting soil, store in a dark place for 3 months, etc, etc. So I decided what the heck. I took three bulbs and shoved them in a pot with some soil and put them on my window sill. A week later after I killed the plants that were in this little wire castle, the husband put the pot in the castle and it took off! It loves it in there. These pictures were taken during consecutive days this week. The first one (above) was taken at night, the one below was the very next morning. The following two were the next two mornings. Can you believe how fast these things grow? I was trying to see if I could catch it growing by staring at it but I had stuff to do so it didn't work out. I took these pictures instead.

You can just see the little flower opening up! That was about three hours ago. Not much change since then.
Speaking of flowers and spring, the nectarine tree thinks it's spring.

This is the nectarine tree two days ago (above) and here it is this mornng (below). That groundhog was right this year. Frollic, frollic! I always frollic a little bit in the spring.


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